City Stem founders Dave Petersen and Kent Foster have over 35 years of combined experience in building projects. Below are some renderings of past collaborations.

ThinkTank Co-Working Space, Toronto, ON

ThinkTank Workspace is a boutique co-working space designed by Kent Foster and built by Upside Development.

Dental Office Interior Alteration, Calgary, AB

This space is located in the new Poplar Medical Center in Calgary Ab. A 2 story space added a level of complexity and uniqueness to the project which will make this practice one of a kind in Calgary. Using a natural pallet of soft woods and living walls adds a calming effect to the design. Construction begins in early 2020

Mekellar Lake Cottage, Parry Sound, ON

Using the footprint of the existing cottage for the homes massing, this design breathes new life into a wonderful lakefront property on Mekellar Lake. The modern twist on a saltbox architectural typology brings a uniqueness to the form rarely seen in Northern Ontario. Construction begins in early 2020.

Eleuthera, The Bahamas

This multi-phased project on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas, is the second and third iterations of a boutique hotel project that encompasses a health and wellness facility, combined with residential units. The project is currently being sited on the owners 25 acre parcel of land, with construction starting in early 2020.

Family Home, The Bahamas

This demure residential project faces the Atlantic ocean on the east coast of one of the Family Islands in The Bahamas. The owner has chosen a post and beam structural design that lends itself well to passive ventilation strategies while maintaining durability regarding both salt-spray and high-wind considerations in this hurricane-prone region. A panelized approach will allow for rapid construction and a quick dry-in period to protect the building from the elements.