Is My Property Eligible for Adding a Laneway Suite?

Great question! We have a handy visual to help you understand the parameters and also to see the city bylaws that apply.
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 Is the Laneway Suite Severable, Once Completed?

No, the Laneway house may not be severed from the principle property, in both Toronto and Hamilton jurisdictions. 

Are government incentives available for developing a Laneway Suite on my property?

Not currently, but an HST rebate may be applied for, by the homeowner, if the construction value of the projects is < $450,000.00.
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What is Panelized Construction?

Panelized construction is the building of walls, roofs, floors and other key components offsite of the build, allowing for less waste, better fit and finish and less exposure to the elements re: building materials, prior to dry-in. It can also provide a shortened build timeline (30-50% quicker dry-in possible, based on design and material choices).

What is the Value of Panelized Design vs. Traditional Construction?


How can I finance the build of my new Laneway Suite?

Traditionally a homeowner’s line of equity or cash have been the financial path to developing a Laneway Residence. As the market accepts this building typology, other financial options will present themselves. Contact us for current information regarding financing your Laneway home.